Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef, a former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, never let’s ’em see him sweat and never leaves home without his iPhone. According to the AP, “Zaeef, who reconciled with the Afghan government after being released from U.S. custody, says he uses his iPhone to surf the Internet and find difficult locations, employing the built-in GPS. He even checks his bank account balance online.”  Difficult locations, you say there Zaeefy, as in the mountainous region between the Pakistan/Afghanistan border? Hmmmm? To be fair, the article goes on to describe how young Afghans are steadily embracing technology, even noting how one of the malls in the Afghan capital features a store stocked with Playstations, iPods, and Flat-screen T.V.s, giving thousands of Americans incentive to start waiting in line at someone else’s crappy store for deals on cheap technology a mere 250 shopping days before Christmas.

But in regards to our cheerful technophyte, Zaeefy, I can’t decide if this is a public relations boon or nightmare for Steve Jobs and Apple.  Maybe they are somewhere deep in the inner sanctum of Apple headquarters figuring out how to spin this:

“I’m a PC”
“I’m a Mac”

“And I am a new American loving reformed terrorist who enjoys freedom! The freedom to make hotel reservation, bid on Jonas Brothers tickets on ebay, and get the weather forecast for Kabul all from the comforts of my new government issued housing thanks to you America Steve Jobs and iPhone!  My iPhone even allows me to ichat with the nice agents watching my every move!”

Zaeefy could be for technology and the iPhone what Yakov Smirnov was to the Cold War in the 1980s, you know, but with more facial hair.